Men Who Know It All

Men Who Know It All - This is the most powerful advertisement written in a simple but extraordinary delivery style by the copywriter, Bruce Barton for the Alexander Hamilton Institute.

This is the first advertisement published from 1923 & 1934 with the title "Men Who Know It All" which was very successful running for more than a decade. The Alexander Hamilton Institute was widely advertised in the early 1900s as an entry choice for men who wanted to progress, become more educated & achieve success from mediocre positions and dissatisfaction with low-paying jobs.

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"Men Who Know It All"

Men who "know it all" are not invited to read this page.

Among the men enrolled in the Alexander Hamilton Institute there are more than 30,000 presidents and business heads. The Institute welcomes inquiries from such men, but this particular page is not addressed to them.

There are nearly  31,000 vice-presidents, secretaries and treasures on the Institute's rolls; but this page is not for such officials.

Neither is it forthe wise young man who is perfectly satisfied with himself and his business equipment; who knows that the only reason he is not paid twice as much is because he has never been "given a chance."

Should you be earning more?

This page is a personal message to the man who has responsibilities, who feels secretly that he ought to be earning several thousand dollars more a year, but who simply lacks the confidence necessary to lay hold on one of the bigger places in business. We would like to put  into the hands of every such man a copy of self-confidence. It is called "Forging Ahead in Business" and it is sent without obligation.

We have in mind, for example, a certain man who is now auditor of a great  corporation in the Middle West. Until he was thirty-one years  of age he was a bookkeeper. His employers had made up their minds that he would always be a bookkeeper. His wife was beginning secretly to wonder. Worst of all, he himself was beginning to lose faith.

He sent for "Forging Ahead in Business"

Without any great hope in its results, he enrolled in the Modern Business Course and Service. The first few months of his association with the Alexander Hamilton Institute were a revelation to him. He found himself being initiated into departments of business that had hitherto been a mystery to him. He was learning the fundamentals of purchasing, of merchandising, of advertising, of office and factory management, and corporation finance.

He was given his chance

He began quietly  to make suggestion to the officials-suggestions that surprised them, because they had ceased to expect anything from him. They revised their estimate of his capacities; when the position of auditor became vacant, he was given his chance. Until the end, on an important financial problem, he argued against the position of the company's own attorneys- basing his argument on principles which the Institute had taught--and by proving his point succeeded in saving the company $60,000.

The self-confidence that the Institute gave him has transformed that man. He will be a vice-president of that great corporation; and at 31 he was condemned to be a bookkeeper for life.

Thousands could double their incomes

For the man who is perfectly content with himself and his job the Alexander Hamilton Institute can do nothing. But there are thousands of men who could double their incomes in one year if they believed in themselves and had the solid business knowledge to back up their belief.

To such men the Institute offers "Forging Ahead in Business" --a book with power in every page, and which also describes clearly and interestingly what the Alexander Hamilton Institute can do for you. Thousands of successful men regard it as one of the most valuable little books they ever sent for. May we send it to you? The coupon is for your confidence.

Alexander Hamilton Institute
735  Astor Place, New York City
Send me "Forging Ahead in Business"
which I may keep without obligation.
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