Meet the Top 10 Influencers on Pinterest!

Meet the Top 10 Influencers on Pinterest! - Pinterest might not be the first social network to emerge, but it has a large group of active dedicated fans. In some niches, such as crafts and cooking, this is arguably the most important social network. So it's no surprise that the top influencers on Pinterest enjoy a large following.

Pinterest's biggest strength is that it's the first visual network - it's been popular longer than Instagram. People embed and share images that interest them, adding them to the appropriate boards. This makes Pinterest a relevant network for brands to consider when planning their influencer marketing.

This is a female-dominated network. 45 percent of women online use Pinterest, compared to 17 percent of men online.

The ten most popular niches on Pinterest are; Home Decoration, Arts, Travel, Photography, DIY and Crafts, Design, Technology, Quotes, Food and Beverage, Humor.

If your business operates in one of these niches, you should seriously consider working with Pinterest influencers. According to Pinterest research, 93 percent of site users use the site to help them plan their purchases.

We see the top twenty Pinterest influencers here.

Top influencers on Pinterest

Joy Cho / Oh Joy!, Maryann Rizzo, Bekka Palmer, Poppytalk, Jane Wang, Bonnie Tsang, Evelyn, Molly Pickering, Pejper // Anna K., HonestlyWTF, Veanad, Christine Martinez Loya, Olya Bastet, Hair and Makeup by Steph, Rachel Turnbull, LittleThings Kathy, Amanda Livesay, wedding chicks, Lauren Zwanziger, April and May

1. Joy Cho / Oh Joy!

With 12.7 Million Followers and 5 Million Monthly Views on Pinterest, Joy Cho is definitely Pinterest's mega-star. He has arranged several boards on topics related to household appliances, design, fashion, beauty, cooking, and travel. He has built expertise and influence in various niches.
Joy Cho has created a coordinated brand image. He may have thousands of pictures on various boards, but the pictures are all presented beautifully, especially following the pastel color scheme.

Joy Cho currently has 77 boards. Some of the most popular boards include:
  • Hair - 5,814,060 followers, 293 Pins
  • Recipes - 3,950,352 followers, 645 Pins
  • For the Home - 3,781,417 followers, 1,316 Pins
  • Oh Baby - 3,148,753 followers, 1,398 Pins
  • Oh Joy for Target - 913,508 followers, 399 Pins (clear influencer marketing board)

2. Maryann Rizzo

With 9 million followers, Marryan has on Pinterest and gets 8 million views per month, Maryann Rizzo is a very famous person on Pinterest on the topic of Interior Design. Maryann Rizzo is an interior designer who posts pictures on Pinterest boards to inspire the style of her followers.
Maryann has created many specialist boards, displaying certain design features. However, by far the most popular board, he had just called everything. Finally, MaryAnn transferred her photo from Everything to one of her specialist boards.

Maryann Rizzo currently has 168 boards. Some of the most popular boards include:
  • Overall - 4,476,646 followers, 6,102 Pins
  • ... And Then Some - 3,695,572 followers, 1,360 Pins
  • Architectural Details - 592,533 followers, 388 Pins
  • Architecture - 342,026 followers, 846 Pins
  • Gardening & Landscapes - 340,424 followers, 1,209 Pins

3. Bekka Palmer

With 8.5 million Followers, Bekka Palmer Pinterest account gets 1 million views per month on textile topics. Bekka Palmer is a textile photographer and artist living in Brooklyn.
Many Bekka images that reflect nature. He discusses various topics, but the most followed board so far is Things to Make, where he keeps ideas that inspire him to make something.

Bekka Palmer currently has 63 boards. Some of the most popular boards include:
  • Things to Make - 6,454,496 followers, 844 Pins
  • Love Letter to Summer - 148,769 followers, 485 Pins
  • Portraits - 148,646 followers, 125 Pins
  • Let's Go Outside - 148,604 followers, 989 Pins
  • Surf - 148,528 followers, 249 Pins

4. Poppytalk

Poppytalk in the blog design field has 8.1 million followers with a monthly view count of 7 million.

Poppytalk is a design blog, so it shouldn't be surprising that their Pinterest site displays design and entertainment images. Although Poppytalk spread their posts on many boards, their top three boards were the most loved.
Poppytalk currently has 133 boards. Some of their most popular boards include:
  • Entertaining + Enjoyable - 4,087,006 followers, 1,053 Pins
  • At the Lake - Interiors - 3,248,341 followers, 1,002 Pins
  • DIY and Tutorial - 2,735,050 followers, 2,128 Pins
  • Kitchens - 723,172 followers, 698 Pins
  • Fashion, Jewelry + Accessories - 651,368 followers, 1,293 Pins

5. Jane Wang

Jane Wang's account with 7.8 million followers is very well known for landscaping topics, but unfortunately the number of views is not made public.
Many pictures of Jane Wong depict the landscape and nature. Indeed the portrait picture shows a Chainstop penguin from Antarctica. Its top flight, however, is Delicious where it focuses on the visual delicacy of food.

Jane Wang currently has 98 boards. Some of the most popular boards include:
  • Delicious - 6,454,554 followers, 19,220 Pins
  • Plant Pathology - 2,657,936 followers, 4 Pins
  • The Arctic - 2,657,864 followers, 14 Pins
  • HOUSE to HOME - 2,657,863 followers, 19 Pins
  • Urban Jungle - 2,657,830 followers, 45 Pins

6. Bonnie Tsang

Likewise, Bonnie Tsang, one of the 30 top curators in Time Magazine, has 7.1 million followers with a monthly number of views from 3M.
Time Magazine named Bonnie Tang as one of the "30 Best Pinterest Curators to Follow". Even though the chalkboard covers a variety of topics, everything is full of fashion and stylish designs - even the food board looks stylish.

Bonnie Tsang currently has 26 boards. Some of the most popular boards include:
  • Living Spaces - 3,493,495 followers, 3,516 Pins
  • Workspace - 3,468,892 followers, 342 Pins
  • Eat With Style - 1,821,382 followers, 1,342 Pins
  • Book Cover - 1,778,782 followers, 158 Pins
  • B's Style - 654,913 followers, 2,351 Pins

7. Evelyn

Evelyn has 6.8M Followers, but unfortunately the number of views is not published.

Evelyn spread her pins on various boards. Many of these are travel and focus on nature, emphasizing beautiful parts of the world. He has an eye for clear images, and many of his boards are really striking.
Evelyn currently has 185 boards. Some of the most popular boards include:
  • Passport to Western Europe - 3,867,187 followers, 783 Pins
  • Nature's Window - 2,067,552 followers, 196 Pins
  • America, the Beautiful, Traveling the USA - 1,629,252 followers, 718 Pins
  • Books are Portable Magic - 1,489,004 followers, 290 Pins
  • Annular Eclipse - 128,852 followers, 31 Pins

8. Molly Pickering

Molly with 6.8M Followers, also doesn't publish the number of views per month.

Molly Pickering is from Texas. He composed an eclectic series of boards, with real names, such as Happy Hungry Hippo and Teh-lay-vee-see-own.
Molly Pickering currently has 17 boards. Some of the most popular boards include:
  • Angels on Earth - 4,036,390 followers, 1,025 Pins
  • Fashion Your Seat Belts - 3,303,697 followers, 1,235 Pins
  • Dropping Knowledge - 127,134 followers, 1,012 Pins
  • Good Cinema - 122,331 followers, 699 Pins
  • Future Destinations - 120,614 followers, 131 Pins

9. Pejper // Anna K.

Pejper is a Swedish lifestyle blog that has 6.8 million followers. They have a strong Pinterest presence, with their Lovely Living boards becoming very popular.
Peiper currently has 61 boards. Some of their most popular boards include:
  • Lovely Living - 3,338,269 followers, 535 Pins
  • Green Living - Garden - 411,057 followers, 167 Pins
  • Natal - Modern - 165,553 followers, 193 Pins
  • ROOMS - 114,442 followers, 285 Pins
  • Work ROOMS - 112,608 followers, 270 Pins

10. Honestly WTF

Honestly WTF with 6.0M followers gets 10M + Monthly Views in the website area.

Pinterest's HonestlyWTF board is curated by Erica Chan Coffman. He is always looking for extraordinary photos that make him exclaim on the board (and website). Their DIY boards are very popular with people who are looking for inspiration.
Honestly WTF currently has 96 boards. Some of their most popular boards include:
  • DIY - 2,477,784 followers, 634 Pins
  • DIY Bracelets - 385,235 followers, 31 Pins
  • Denim Daze - 361,443 followers, 429 Pins
  • Bon Voyage - 343,197 followers, 938 Pins
  • Beauty - 325,100 followers, 683 Pins

Hopefully the Top 10 Pinterest Influencers above can inspire you in living the life of blogging and online business that you are currently involved in.

Invest your time in building your collaboration network or online business on Pinterest, as they do. Because the time you invest in Pinterest will surely yield encouraging results.

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