Journal of Affiliate Marketing Today!

Here's my journal of affiliate marketing today for you! Starting at 13 noon, I opened my laptop and immediately connected to the internet to surf what I had done yesterday. For information, yesterday I posted an article on - a blog platform from telegram that is very easy to use by everyone.

The title of the article that I posted is about "How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners". I take the theme of affiliate marketing for beginners, because I see the potential of affiliate marketing is still wide open for everyone in the world.

It's no secret, that affiliate marketing has succeeded in printing new millionaires around the world. From digital book products to aircraft rentals, everything can be marketed through an affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing Statistics Data

Based on statistical data published by Web Market Support, it is stated that Expenditures for Affiliate Marketing in the United States from 2015 to 2020 are;

  • 4.21 US Billions in 2015;
  • 4.78 US Billions in 2016;
  • 5.37 US Billions in 2017;
  • 5.94 US Billions in 2018;
  • 6.40 US Billions in 2019;
  • 6.82 US Billions in 2020.

This shows that every year, spending on affiliate marketing continues to increase.

Based on data from the same source, in 2016, there were 81% of trademarks and 84% of publishers who used this affiliate marketing system.

The keyword search trend graph about Affiliate Marketing in the Google search engine shows an ever-increasing number. Popularity by location, first 20 countries:

  1. Bangladesh, Nigeria, St. Helena, Kenya, Singapore
  2. The Netherlands, India, Ghana, Nepal, Malaysia
  3. Pakistan, South Africa, Cyprus, Estonia, Philippines
  4. Germany, Sri Lanka, Israel, United Kingdom, US

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities for Beginners

Reflecting on the data above, I can easily conclude that affiliate marketing opportunities for beginners are still wide open to anyone you are.

The internet has changed the face of the conventional business world, and has even shaped the world of new communities that greatly influence the development of everyday human life. The positive and negative sides of the internet are always there. Like any new thing, in the real world.

Every day, more and more new opportunists are popping up who try their luck in the field of affiliate marketing. Apart from a beginner or even experienced, this directly impacts the emergence of new opportunities in the field of SEO services and web traffic. Both types of services are like a jungle, each with its own market segment and method. And that can be a new business in itself.

Affiliate Marketing Media
In the world of affiliate marketing, our main bullet is the affiliate link, which we get from product vendors in the affiliate marketing market. One example of an affiliate link is like this;

..from the PrintMonkey product by a well-known vendor - Brendan Mace - in the affiliate marketing market - WarriorPlus. Print Monkey is the easiest tool that can be used by everyone in marketing affiliate products, because everything is available. You simply enter the affiliate link for several products recommended by Brendan Mace, and everything is ready for you to market and print money.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, PrintMonkey I highly recommend starting your affiliate marketing business from home. You don't need a website, domain, email list, or anything else. Simply promote the link you get from the PrintMonkey tool and your income collection every day.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners via Blogging

For those of you who like blogging, you can start by building a simple website on blogspot or wordpress.

I myself really like blogspot. In fact, I also built a special blog tool for affiliate marketing. I call this tool ProfitZMonkey.

With a free blog from Google - namely Blogspot - I was able to start a business marketing affiliate products from home, while relaxing with family. I also market this tool specifically for bloggers who use the BLOGSPOT platform. This tool can be used to make review posts on various affiliate products from WarriorPlus, JVZoo, ClickBank even to Amazon though.

You can also increase the authority of your blog website by buying a special domain for the website. Go to and buy a domain from there. For only $8, you can get a domain name that you want.

1. Blogspot Platform for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Blogspot is owned by Google, which is known to be very stable in terms of server reliability. Being on Google's cloud-server - Blogspot platform - provides unlimited hosting and bandwidth facilities. That is, you do not need to think about hosting costs and bandwidth.

According to data published by BuiltWith - websites that use the Blogspot or Blogger platform in the United States reach 260,233 blog websites.

Blogspot is very easy to use. Especially if you use the ProfitZMonkey tool from me, enough with COPY & PASTE, within 5 minutes you can already have a review posting of best-selling affiliate products from 2019 to 2020 from WarriorPlus. You can also easily post reviews of other affiliate products from WarriorPlus, JVZoo, ClickBank, Amazon to any affiliate market that you want.

Example website that I built with the ProfitZMonkey tool is - You can find dozens of review posts on affiliate products from WarriorPlus. Enough with COPY & PASTE, I can build affiliate product review posts in just 2-5 minutes per post.

Blogspot can be set up with a variety of other great features, which make the blog site look more attractive and cool. There are thousands of free templates out there that you can use on your blogspot website as a media publication for reviewing affiliate products or as a news website.

You can make new posts every day, without having to think about hosting capacity and bandwidth. Because Blogspot is available 100% free without limits in terms of hosting and bandwidth, which is often a problem for bloggers who use the WordPress self-hosting platform.

The blogspot platform, even though it is inferior to SEO with the wordpress platform, can still be optimized by default. Even in times like today, it is almost certain, we don't really need SEO in blogging. Because SEO matters are actually more closely related directly to web traffic. Yes, SEO is more directed at how to bring traffic to our blog website organically from search engines. How to bring traffic to a blog website, I will discuss specifically and in detail after this.

2. WordPress Platform for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Wordpress is very well known in the online world. Starting from the biggest news websites like; New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, CNBC, ABC, FoxNews, Guardian, Huffington Post, etc. - to personal blog websites.

Why is WordPress so popular so fast compared to Blogspot? This is the answer; in the beginning wordpress became the world's top blogger choice in online publications to address the inability of the Blogspot platform in terms of SEO.

The wordpress platform is indeed very reliable from an SEO point of view. Especially with the emergence of the latest plugins that further enhance wordpress performance in the field of blogging and online publication.

The development of wordpress features is increasing from year to year. Along with the increasing number of beginner bloggers popping up from all over the world, for business purposes or just to build a personal blog. Likewise, server hosting companies continue to improve the performance of their services without having to increase their server costs.

By using the wordpress platform, we can also build a website reviewing affiliate products easily. Even tend to be semi-automatic, which is effective in terms of time. There are various plugin tools that you can use on the wordpress platform for that.

Referring to the statistical data published by BuiltWith, the total use of the wordpress platform worldwide currently has reached 27,021,750 websites. And in the United States alone there are around 10,004,262 active websites on this CMS platform. Wordpress has become a mega technology that continues and is growing rapidly along with the addition of its use from day to day.

There is a tool that can help you, wordpress users, in building websites reviewing affiliate products from affiliate markets like Clickbank. This tool is called Clickbank Profit Sites, which you can get for just $23.

Please watch the video review of the Clickbank Profit Sites tool here or directly get the tool here. With this tool, you can easily build a blog review website for hundreds of affiliate products from Clickbank in no time.

And of course, there are many other tools that you can get for the wordpress platform, specifically for building a review website for affiliate marketers, both for the Clickbank, Warriorplus, JVZoo to Amazon markets.

Here are the 5 best ways to bring traffic to your website

Beginning with the existence of a blog website, both platform Blogger and Wordpress or a standard HTML website, the classic way to bring visitors is through web optimization. Or more with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

But along with the rapid development of the blogging world, SEO issues are no longer so important. Coupled with new rules that continue to emerge from various popular search engines today, Google. Make SEO problems a matter of choice.

Maybe I'll give a brief overview of search engine optimization, but it's not very detailed. Because I will focus more on how to bring website visitors with ways to utilize social media, appropriately.

1. Website Visitor Sources

Website visitors can come from any angle on the internet. Can be from a search engine (organic traffic), such as; Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and others.

Organic Traffic from Search Engines

In the search engine, users type certain keywords in the search engine and press enter; then they will find a series of websites that present the information needed.

Through its own algorithmic patterns, each search engine might present different site recommendations. Although it tends to have in common from the presentation of search results.

The search engine algorithm will perform special calculations that refer to website metatags, content relevance (text, images and videos) on each website in the search engine database (according to the last spider update), to then bring up search results on every page.

So, basically search engine algorithms will try to extract the metatags on your website. Use the standard metatags that search engines allow, on your website. Search on google, how to implement metatags on your website according to the cms blog platform you are using - blogspot or wordpress.

Traffic from Video Sharing

In addition to search engines, there are also other traffic sources that come from video sharing websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Twitch, Liveleak, Veoh, Break, Metacafe, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Rediff, Google Video and many more.

You can make a video review of affiliate products and share them there, by placing your affiliate link in the video description. This method is very effective for bringing web visitors to your blog or directly to the affiliate product website that you are marketing.

Be sure to publish your videos by placing targeted keywords on the video's title, description and tags. Because this will greatly help your videos easier to find search engines.

Traffic from Social Media

There are so many social media that you can use to promote your blog website. Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Flickr, Dribbble, DevianArt and many others.

You can choose one of the earlier social media, join and focus on discussing or sharing your blog content there. Or you can also join as much as you can and share your blog content and actively discuss with other users.

Make sure that every social media account you have is the address of your blog website listed on your profile. This is very useful for attracting visitors from there.

Traffic from File Sharing

There are sharing your article files in pdf, docx, excell, zip, and others to file sharing websites, such as GoogleDrive,, Dropbox, Jumpshare, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Amazon Drive, Hightail, Mediafire, FileShare, Zippyshare, DropSend, DivShare, FileFactory, ThinkFree, ZShare, HotFile, and many more.

There are also websites that share pdf and docx files, such as; GoogleDrive, Issue, Scribd, Slideshare, Dropbox, Clameo, Lulu, PDFFiller, 4Shared, MediaFire, DocStoc, Free-EBooks, DepositFiles, SmashWords, FileDropper, DocHub, Slideboom, GoFile, WikiUpload, ShareSend, Mirrored and others.

Create an account there and one article for conversion in pdf format, then upload it to all of these websites. Get the public link and also make sure your account is there with your website address. Ping all the links that you get from there.

Traffic from Other Bloggers

There are also ways to bring visitors to your blog site through publications about your website on other bloggers' blogs.

This method can be done through guest posting or posting banner ads and using advertising services in their newsletters. The first two ways you can get by hiring guest bloggers on Fiverr. As for the last way (advertisements in the newsletter), you can do it directly by contacting the blog owner, by setting up costs according to their rates.

2. PPC Advertising

Google has become so famous and has become # 1 in the field of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and the like. Then there are Bing, Pinterest, Reditt, Facebook and Twitter. But I highly recommend Google Adwords, Pinterest, and Facebook. For those of you who have a large enough initial capital, can advertise on Reditt.

There are also the most recommended ppc advertising formats are native ads from Taboola, MGID, Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, Dianomi, Revcontent, Tonic, and AdUp. Even though the initial cost is very high, the blog site that you advertise there, will easily and quickly get extraordinary visitors. Even the biggest you ever get, if you have already advertised elsewhere before.

I recommend Taboola, MGID, Outbrain and Yahoo Gemini for those of you who have large capital. Thousands of visitors will come to your blog site every day, by advertising there. The cost you spend on advertising there will be proportional to the results you will get. One thing you need to prepare is a blog site with interesting content and a subscribe form on each blog posting page. Why should there be a box to subscribe to your blog? Okay, I will explain below.

If you are an advertiser in native advertising media such as Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, Tonic, and Revcontent, then you must embed a subscribe box on your blog site.

Give one or several free bonuses to visitors to your blog site, in return for your thanks because they are willing to fill in their names and emails as your subscribers. By having a subscriber list, you can easily manage it for the purpose of marketing affiliate products that you follow from the affiliate market such as; WarriorPlus, JVZoo, Clickbank and Amazon.

You can send to subscribers, once a week, about interesting products from the affiliate market. If only 2% of your subscriber clicks on the link you put in your newsletter, and 1% of them buy the product that you recommend. That can mean thousands of dollars that you will get. Only from 1 email only.

Suppose you have 100,000 subscribers and you want to market affiliate products from Clickbank with a fee per sale of $75, let us calculate how much you can get from there.

If 100,000 subscriber clicks on your link and in your newsletter, that means 100,000 x 2% = 2000 people will visit the website that you recommend to them. And if 1% of the visiting subscribers buy the product, that means you will get; 2,000 x 1% x $75 fees = $1,500.

The results are quite large right, from just 1 email per week. What if the percentage of subscribers who buy products offered is more than 1% or 2%? Certainly you can get additional income of more than $2,000 - $3,000 per week more.

What about the daily necessities of Amazon products that you can market in this way, which incidentally is quite large. Likewise digital products from WarriorPlus and JVZoo - which come from online marketers, bloggers and online businesses in general. They are all potential markets that you can offer quality digital products from W + and JVZoo.

3. Banner Advertising

In addition to the best sources of traffic from ppc and native ads that I recommend above, you can have other alternatives in advertising. Namely through the installation of banner ads on blog sites from other bloggers. You can read my previous article about "Top 20 Affiliate Marketer Bloggers You Must Follow". Or you can also search on Google for the keyword "top 100 affiliate marketing blogs" - there you will find a FeedSpot website that will recommend it to you.

Choose 1 - 10 blog sites that are relevant to your blog, and contact the blog owners using the contact forms available on each of their blog sites. Or you can contact them directly via email.

Tell them the budget you have and the purpose of placing your banner ad. Build intense communication with the owner of the blog to get the price rate for placing banner ads according to your expectations.

Important: once again, make sure your blog site has a customer box to collect the name and email address of your blog site visitors for the next interest, as I explained above.

Give something very valuable and free to visitors to your blog site. Such as free courses (videos or ebooks), guides about what you are good at (ebooks or videos) and others that you can provide there. This will be the value of t

This will provide value and appreciation for the visitors to your blog site. Those who visit and you will both benefit. They get something they need, and you get their name and email address, which you can use at any time to promote the products they need later.

If you want to be shorter and more effective, you can use banner advertisement installation services such as those provided by BuySellAds. There you will find hundreds of blog sites with an average number of visitors that provide enough ad space for your banners. Or you can also see ad space offered by WarriorForum. They also provide banner advertising facilities for you at a fairly low cost.

4. Guest Posts

As a blogger, you can just post articles about "tips" and "how to" to other bloggers to be posted on their blog site. This is referred to as a guest post.

You can find it on Google about this and the websites that provide this guest posting service. Or you can also go directly to fiverr and look for a guest posting service provider. Make sure they have a 5 star rate, level 2-1, using English as their main. This is to ensure the writing of articles and guest posting services that they provide are really appropriate and according to your expectations.

You can also use a guest posting service that guarantees that the article posting can be published in various well-known media such as; Huffington Post or CNN or Yahoo News or AOL News and others. Because the articles that can be loaded there with a blog site url link in it, will be able to bring thousands of visitors in a short time.

In general, guest posting services to the big websites mentioned above, charge around $500 to $700 per post. So, if you use this service, make sure your web url is listed in these articles. And your blog site must have a box to subscribe to the visitors who come.

5. Email Marketing

If you already have an email list like the one I mentioned above, then you can immediately use this marketing system easily. But if you don't have your own e-mail list or subscriber, then you can use other people's services for that. This is commonly known as Solo Ads.

Visit Udimi to get solo ads marketers who provide email marketing services there. Although this method will be quite draining your costs, but this is an alternative to try.

Another way is to look for an email marketing service provider such as that offered by GetPocket. Of course you need to provide sufficient costs for it. But I believe the results will be worth the cost you spend.

In addition to GetPocket, you can also use the services of Jeff Bullas to get the opportunity to advertise there, both through guest posting as well as through email marketing provided by Jeff.

Or please use Google to search for other websites from bloggers who provide the sources that I have mentioned above.

Please make good use of what I have conveyed here to you. Please leave your comments to share what you have with others (but remember don't advertise in the comments column). Hopefully what I say here brings benefits to you.

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How To START Affiliate Marketing
with 100% DONE FOR YOU system
that GENERATE in 1-CLICK and
Make $1,000 in A Day