Advertise with Stories through Storytelling

Advertise with Stories through Storytelling - Basically people don't like ads. They were very disturbed because their activities were interrupted.

For example when they are watching a movie on TV, being tense a scene suddenly the film disappears and is replaced with screaming advertisements claiming that the products they offer are the best. It is understandable if the audience is not happy then changes the channel for a moment to find out what programs are broadcast on other TV stations.

What about advertising on digital media?

I don't know, in your opinion, but for me, advertising on digital media is more annoying. Just try it if we see a video on Youtube, we are focusing on watching, uh, knowing that the ads are interrupting arbitrarily and we are forced to watch if we want to see our next show.

Or when we are reading the news in online media, suddenly a car appears covering the news and promoting a new vehicle that offers 0% downpayment or promotion in collaboration with a credit card. Indeed, we can close the ad by clicking the [X] which is usually found in one corner of the ad. But still we are disturbed by the interruption of these advertisements and psychologically we begin to not sympathize with these annoying brands.

Difference between Digital and Traditional Media

What is the difference between digital media and traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, TV radio and others. I see that there are still many who cannot distinguish the nature of the two media. Even though the two media have very different characters. What's the difference? Shall we discuss?..

Newspapers, magazines, TV etc. are 1-way media. This media has a tendency to enter as much info as possible. The lack of means of interaction makes them need to provide complete information in sending messages. They do not want to divide the message into 2 parts. Because when the second message is sent, it is not certain that the one who read it has seen the first message. The same thing will happen with the third, fourth and so on messages. They do not want the target audience to receive piecemeal messages.

Digital media is a 2-way media. Interactive tools allow long and lively interactions to occur. Amazingly, the user can still see the previous messages. In this media, we do not need to give information that makes people lazy to read it. Interactive media makes us able to provide piecemeal info. What must be considered is that the information must be packaged in such a way that people are increasingly eager to find out more information.

Copywriting Science

Since the advent of the internet, copywriting science has suddenly gained popularity. Why is that? Because the internet is a two-way media that allows interaction between users. And we certainly agree that it is certainly far easier to interact with words than with visuals. Now, in order to have a good interaction, of course the science of learning words (copywriting) becomes very important.

Once the importance of utilizing the means of interaction so that also emerged a term called Digital Copywriting. This is understandable because the habits, insights and attitudes of internet users are very different from one way media users. That is why the science of automatic two-way media copywriting is also not the same as copywriting in media such as TV, newspapers, radio and other traditional media.

What is Storytelling about?

As digital copywriting develops, a new science is called storytelling. This makes me interesting. Nowadays storytelling is in great demand for people who want to sell online. Right now I am flooded with orders being called to various cities by various communities and various corporations to give workshops on storytelling. Why is that?

Because storytelling is different from the annoying advertisements I described above. Easy storytelling is storytelling or storytelling. We certainly agree that storytelling is an activity that is usually done between friends. Every time we have an interesting story, we definitely want to tell it to our friends right away, right? We hope that story keeps our friends entertained. That's why many marketing experts often say, "Treat consumers as your friends."

In general, people don't like pages on their social media littered with advertisements. But if we advertise with storytelling strategies, people will be entertained even though they know that what we post is advertising. Even if our storytelling is good it is not impossible that readers will share our advertisements which in turn will become viral. With storytelling we can have lots of free buzzers. Why? Because they are entertained by our storytelling and they want to share the storytelling with their friends.

When I say 'storytelling', many people think that's how to advertise by telling stories through articles. Opinion is correct but incomplete. Storytelling can be done in various ways according to the medium.

Best example of storytelling;
So for example, if you want to make ads in online media, you can create ads with storytelling style even if only with a 1 page image. Want to make an ad in the form of a short movie on digital media is the same. We just need to shoot and upload it on Youtube.

Storytelling Hero's

There have been very many storytelling suddenly popular because of the subtlety of the story. Please search on Google. People often don't feel that it's advertising. They felt like they were watching the story of the Captain America's heroism which had a very unique character. Once they were entertaining the storytelling, the result was that people were waiting for the story of the Captain America's without being bothered that they were actually watching advertisements.

Indeed, many people focus on storytelling only in the form of articles and only to be published on social media. Why is that? Because storytelling in the form of articles is the mother of all storytelling. When you fully understand storytelling, it will be very easy for you to implement it in another form. This means that an article storytelling can be treated as a storyline that we can translate into short films or other forms according to the media we are aiming for.

The key word for storytelling is storytelling. Everyone, without exception, likes stories. That's why we present stories to the crowd. So the point is the story, not the advertisement. The ad is still there but hidden in it because our brand plays a part in the story.

So guys, stop pissing digital users off with annoying advertisements. Starting today, advertise with storytelling. Our brand will get sympathy from those who see it and digital users will be happy to become free buzzers to neutralize our ads.

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